Payment Security

Rest assured. At SuperBath your transactions are always safeguarded!



SuperBath has chosen GeoTrust® as a partner to secure your payments and make your online shopping experience 100% safe.


Thanks to the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology, all data transactions are completed in a secured manner. This service can be easily identified with the green address bar of your browser or the Web address starting with https:// in which “s” means “secured”.




Secure online payment with credit card thanks to 3Dsecure


With Heidelpay, our partner for bank card payments (Blue Card, Visa and Mastercard), the security of your online payments on SuperBath is maximized.


The payment is done in the bank servers of our partner E-transactions. These services include our SSL encryption technology during the whole payment process. Confidential data collected within the scope of purchase (the 16-digit bank card number, expiry date and cryptogram) are immediately encrypted and transmitted to E-transactions’ server without being routed via SuperBath’s server. When making a payment by direct debit or credit card, your order will be debited 5 days after your purchase.


The payment by credit card is perfectly secure, and your order will be recorded and validated upon acceptance of the settlement by the payment you have chosen.


Your bank information is not kept on our server. When placing an order on SuperBath, you are directly logged on Heidelpay payment system.


Heidelpay communicates directly with the payment processor throughout the full duration of the transaction, making a secure system even more secure. The purchaser directly gives the number of his/her bank information to a SIPS (Side Impact Protection System) server that coltrols the validity of the transaction with the card holder, and then accepts or rejects the payment. At the end, the SIPS server let the merchant know if the transaction was successful or not.


The credit card number is only known by the bank : it is not transmitted to the merchant.


100% secured payment via Paypal




SuperBath enables you to make your purchases with Paypal, simple and easy.


PayPal is an online-payment service, by means of which your purchases can be done easily and quickly. This service is now used by millions of persons and is completely safe.


Several methods of payment can be chosen via Paypal : Blue Card, Visa, Mastercard, and so on.


You also have the possibility to use Paypal without having an account, depending on the credit card you have.